No Homemaker Aide

It was an absolutely horrible night.  Two or three times there was a thought to call on the fire department’s emergency medical crew. A few things were tried. Nothing seemed to work on the the pains. At times they dwindled away briefly, and at times they even appeared in different places as well as just in one general area.  And, even in the mid-back there was an appearance for a while.  It lasted about six hours before some sleep finally happened. It might be “the flu,” and it might be other and/or more. 

The sleep didn’t last long, but at least there was some. Being in an “aware” state at 8:05 a.m. was an advantage, even if it wasn’t too alert. Calling the assigning agency office as soon as possible meant the representative might be in and not started on anything else. No she had not seen the email although it was sent near noon.  There was some sorting to do (she said); but there wasn’t positive answer after she had three hours to sort.  For the time being, yours truly is without household assistance from service agencies. 

The state of affairs come evening:  The place is a mess. The tenant is still having pains (not only with no supper last night, but a scant breakfast in the morning).  The air bed popped another seam and had to be replaced in the late afternoon (fortunately, the spare was at hand).  So much time was used on the cell phone a payment has to be uploaded (fortunately that was bought last week).  A landlady inspection is due near the first of August. And, two calls have to be made later in the evening (results at this writing, unknown). 

Disposing of trash is vital to life. 


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