Bad State Of Affairs

So, today final word on the homemaker aide services was due from the service agency.  As stated, the representative was vague about it, especially the hours.  At about noontime an email arrived saying there would be none – a technicality.  The email wasn’t seen until a few hours later, at which time it was pointless to try to contact staff at the assigning agency. The morning as early a possible is when to call. And, yours truly did not feel well this morning.  In addition, a re-charging for the scooter be already needed. 

Well, the trip to the lobby was late in the afternoon; but, better late then not at all. There was no attempt to post timely commentary as the physical state by evening was bad enough that it seemed wise to delay it and try for some rest – pains noted a few days ago still recur.  By the evening thoughts of eating existed but without action of any sort (not even something like the potato chips on the table). A lot of time in the afternoon was spent looking into costs in regard to a clinic to visit.  Some had been in mind, but no cost sought. 

Much thought early was about getting the rug swept and the trash carried out – the bags are too big to easily carry on the scooter. A little later, much thought was given to how to handle things without the homemaker aide services, and there’s no real solution there as yet. And, of course, ever present is the thought of the inspection to be come the first of August.  There’s an attempt to find a sensible service in another area, too; but, that’s very up in the air.  Although the thought was amid those in the bulletin board notice. 

One should not give up even if overwhelmed.   


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