A Monday In Suspension

Come Monday morning business offices are open, and one can see about making arrangements for things.  In view of the no show of a service agency representative all last week, although supposedly it was scheduled the week before, Monday morning was awaited with considerable eagerness.  Yes, indeedy, that’s a thing to do – call a place “first thing Monday morning” unless one wants to be sensible about it.  Well, there was little alternative this time as the lady from the assigning agency might be out of the office in the afternoon. 

We were all friendly and happy and the service agency person was to arrive properly after 12:30 p.m. and all that. And, so it did take place – seems like the woman stayed two hours (the actual time is uncertain as it wasn’t precisely written down).  Well, she was not in the place to see how much rug needed to be swept and whether it could be done in two hours.  She was in the place to get signatures on papers with questions about medical matters as in allergies and dentures and release of liability.  She was vague about service.

Now, yours truly is a little sicker than normal.  The tummy ache is a thing still around under conditions “x” (no certainty about it, but it’s not all of the time and there’s no logical cause). The tummy ache is rather painful (nothing else usually is).  And, of course, there hasn’t been any cleaning for more than three weeks now, which is enough to drive any decent person into nervous fits.  The vagueness in the matter didn’t help things any.  The lady who did the errands most recently was called on a note of uncertainty. 

Some things are ignorant. 


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