Some Good, Some Not

Scooter has energy. It was set to re-charge at noontime. It’s always nice to have the scooter just re-charged. Then there’s a security in being able to get around near the pace of the rest of the world for a while without thinking about working a re-charge into activities. It isn’t nice to be doing it at noontime, as that’s the best time to head to the lobby and outside.  Afternoons are for doing things.  Waiting for the scooter to re-charge or observing skylines along the river is not the kind of thing to be doing. 

The cigarette lighter died this morning.  There are no matches nor is there a flame on the kitchen stove. The kitchen light bulb burned out this afternoon. Maintenance, which notes conditions when fixing something, will have to be called on Monday (while the rug has not been swept for nearly four weeks) to replace the light bulb.  Luckily most of the paper shreds are farther in the place.  There’s stuff in the refrigerator that has to be dumped; and, never mind the cause for not using the small trash bags that fit down the chute. 

Perhaps it’s a good thing to be without the homemaker aide. Minds need to be kept active (they say).  Figuring out how to handle a few things is good mental exercise.  The trouble is in the physical part, like how to get up off the floor after falling out of bed….  That was almost an evening event.  There’s something wrong thereabouts as it did happen a few days ago, providing a couple of minor injuries. The thing is, there’s no wish for that kind of mental activity, and it has been going on for years now.     

Mere survival can be a hassle. 


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