Quick Review

It seems like a run-through of the way things are would be an idea of value.  By that is not meant anything like a list of medical details (there are a lot of aggravating factors), overall objectives (there are some of those) or incidentals.  The bottom line is, yours truly can’t get around very well. There’s no big problem with standing up and walking a short distance, like across rooms, as long as there hasn’t been anything exhaustive done just before that.  There’s breathing difficulty, and coughing fits are tiring. 

“Being active” lasts about one to three hours, depending on what is being done.  Doing something with the computer takes nothing but some finger action and thought. Three hours is no problem. To put away the groceries properly takes moving things with some weight (even a loaf of bread weighs a pound) and needing some care with handling (dropping a gallon of water or milk can make a mess), so the “possible active time” is a lot less.  Now, if someone works for a short period (hour) then needs to rest, not much is done. 

Services such as grocery shopping and housekeeping are essential for everyday living.  They’re physically demanding. Mopping floors, etc., can be done – it just takes two or three times longer than for a more able-bodied person and results in a state of exhaustion.  A lot is done while sitting on a scooter (with pauses for coughing fits), and doing them sitting down is a lot more complicated than if done standing up.  If the scooter needs re-charging, little is done, while life (lunch, mail, etc.) goes on at a normal pace. 

Being slow isn’t always bad. 


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