Plain (Not Evil) Wrong

It seems something’s all wrong, but yours truly has yet to figure out what, that is, is it something overall or at least something over a lot or something completely personal? On the surface of things it looks like it’s completely personal, yet there are things hanging in a state of indefinite on broader levels as well, even on just one level above in regard to the apartment building and the residents’ association. While a bunch of office holders did quit, that didn’t dissolve it.  It’s also a case of there’s money in the bank.  A meeting was called. 

On a personal level, the staffing agency representative didn’t show up again, and repeated calls to the assigning agency office did not end with anything definite.  With the food truck due tomorrow (and he is quite on time) more or less in the same time frame, a priority had to be set:  food or cleanliness?  One or the other has to take a back seat if both need attention at the same time.  Well, food wins the toss.  It’s harder to think if one is hungry than if one is merely slightly dirty, especially if the former comes from elsewhere. 

The “something wrong” may be due to something a lot bigger, like the current economic state of the nation or world.  Case in point, a lot of the homemaker aides quit because staffing companies don’t make them full time employees.  The pay is good, but there isn’t a lot of it.  Meanwhile, if the point is money, it’s understandable that the companies don’t want to pay out a lot not only for benefits but also for things like mileage (errands usually take mileage refunds, which reportedly generally are twenty-five cents a mile).  

Something can be wrong without being evil. 


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