A Wednesday’s Results

At day’s end….  The lady brought back food and other supplies as expected (and hoped).  Money orders for August rent in hands.  A receipt for payment for telephone is also in hands.  There’s even a little cash, but not much as there wasn’t much left.  Hunt intensified for no show service agency staffer, and actually got to talk to a live person who might look into the matter.  Blog posts for Old Peasant got done and it now up to date with yesterday (see below) and this today.  Place still hasn’t been swept. 

‘Twas a day of not feeling well again.  However, it was good that a late evening hour was spent sitting rather than abed as something fell from somewhere and had to be investigated.  Actually, a bag of goodies from last week fell off of a side table, maybe not damaged badly.  The scooter was re-charged in the late afternoon, so there will be no concern there tomorrow.  The growing trash remains in a state of untouched except for adding to it. There is trash everyday; fortunately it’s not actual garbage (i.e., discarded food). 

Maybe, just maybe, someone has finally been found to help work a little at least on The Project, at least reading through stuff to see if it makes sense.  That will be determined by the end of August, not before, as the most essential thing is getting the place straightened up a little. The landlady did schedule another inspection for August for some reason.  The government doesn’t usually come around ‘til October.  Maybe it’s September this year.  Regardless, it is a poor time to be without a homemaker aide. 

Old people shouldn’t be disturbed. 


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