Getting Ready For Wednesday

The day’s principle chore has to be said to be the errands’ list that yours truly simply was not up to doing very well.  Not only was it for food, paper products and some over-the-counter medications, but it would be pushing things to be getting the rent money orders at a later date. Almost as important, the pre-paid money posted on the mobile (cell) phone has been depleting fast. That might last a good week yet, but it would be running it very low. Lastly, the cash is low and needed for easy operating come Friday (food truck). 

Checking some things online via the cell phone mobile unit is a cost connection the same as a telephone call would be.  Even if the two together cost about thirty dollars monthly for connections (one daily as a rule), it’s cheap by comparison; but, it does run through pre-paid phone cards for seventy-five dollars (which cover six months) like every time one turns around.  Since the weekly errands do not always include the drug store where the phone payment is, getting that ahead of time is sensible. 

Well, there’s a trip to the bank to cash a check.  That takes a letter no matter what check is cashed.  There’s a trip to the supermarket to get groceries.  That takes a list, which can include specials in the grocery advertising, which get cut out of the ad and included so no question or problem develops.  Especially if there’s reason to head for the drug store, that advertising needs a look, most likely online. Usually there is not much to do at the post office but pick up mail, but, that also needs thought.  At least it’s started. 

Little things can be complex. 


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