Day Of Rest — Sunday

The most important thing of the day – more important than eating, to an extent sleeping, and more – turned out to be getting in touch with the lady to run the errands as it wasn’t accomplished before, although several calls had been tried.  Someone finally answered a call in the afternoon. As she was at her mother’s to do the laundry, there was one final call in the evening. The grocery advertising has little in the way of desired specials, but some basic stuff’s needed; the list on Wednesday was made out with a different viewpoint. 

Obviously some catching up in the weblog commentaries was done; but, it’s not enough for a couple of reasons, one being telephoning the lady.  So, this (and the other) is again a day late.  There was, of course a trip to the outside world with the advertising packet being picked up at the same time.  From the looks of the activity outside, two apartments are in the process of being move outs, one on the floor toward the other end of the hall. In all likelihood it won’t make a bit of difference in the personal life and times. 

Nothing from Friday was put away.  The drug store advertising was not fished off the internet.  The trash is a growing problem.  But, at least the scooter got re-charged, so mobility is, for the moment, at hand. It might last two days, and since it’s a need, time for more of the perpetual re-charging is mentally lined up for Tuesday. Supper was cruddy chili; normally it’s always by-passed as it’s not seen as good chili, but there was no other cheap thing to get for emergency use.  …And, it is a state of minor emergency. 

The world moves too fast for the elderly.   


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