July 16, Net Result

The day dawned in a mess. The floor has not been swept for more than two weeks.  The week’s trash has not been hauled out, which can’t easily be hauled out by yours truly; intending to get rid of the “wrong kind” trash bags bought the week before, most was loaded into those.  They need a haul to the dumpster – most difficult on a scooter.  The stuff brought in on the errands run is sitting around a lot worse than when brought in as stuff needed was fished out of it without a chance to put it in order. 

It was impossible to stay awake by around 9:00 p.m. (as it was on Thursday in the evening).  Weblog commentaries, therefore, fell by the wayside most regretfully with the hope that they could be done early, but there was no opportunity come this morning – the three nights of disturbed sleep took their toll.  All day there was a usual concern in regard to the scooter running out of energy as it looked low; but, there seemed to be no time when there could be a sitting for an extended period, meaning don’t move much.   

The lady who ran the errands has to be called about the upcoming week; and, there wasn’t an answer in several tries.  There also was not much of a way to gauge the trip. The weekly advertising wasn’t delivered all day (two trips to the lobby came up with nothing), and the agency representative had said that one unspecified day there would be an assessment visit by someone from new service agency at an unspecified time.  Apparently she did manage to try to set it up for some time after 12:30 p.m.  It doesn’t sound good. 

There’s a saying for many things. 


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