Friday, The 15th

July 15, 2011, was “impossible.”  There was a 12:30 p.m. visit set up by the assigning agency (technically it is a company with the job of finding other companies for sub-contracting a number of chores for the likes of old folks including not only the homemaker services but also things like escort and personal care – people call on them to find some suitable organization to do the actual work). The lady coming said she was going to bring someone else with her to get a first hand view of the situation.   She was alone. 

In view of the above “coming” (usually such is not announced ahead of time – she just stops when she is in the vicinity to see if all is well or not, and if there’s no answer to the door that’s okay, too), which luckily was not set for a food truck Friday, the errands not done on Wednesday had to be done early in the morning.  Well, the trip was important.  The store specials were good at the drug store and the grocery for some long needed non-food items as well as food. The drug store would return unsold things to their source. 

There was no decent night’s sleep, either.  An investigative hunting with only a few hours to do it in is a tiring undertaking in itself, and the upset of Wednesday was going stronger. There were two things known, namely that the staffing agency would not send anyone for the week and, contrary to claims of offers of services, there would be no tenant in the place that would do anything (evident from the long standing bulletin board notice).  It was do without or do it in the morning, and mornings are never good.  

There are all kinds of gambles in the world. 


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