Shifting To Emergency Speed

It’s sure not understood how, but the connectivity stayed in spite of the shutdown that came after the 1:00 p.m. updating.  And, on we go into the future.  The personal future is in quite a bit of turmoil in regard to things like the homemaker aide service in itself, not all of it, just part of it for the moment.  The errands part, which is mostly the grocery shopping but assorted other things as well, conceivably may be lined up outside of the agencies. Much of the day was used to hunt up the homemaker aide that was good (and likely fired). 

The connection, while it does exist, is not overwhelmingly good.  As before, it can take forever and a day for a page to materialize, if it does at all. And, of course, there are times when it’s not working at all,  which may even be permanent before the day’s commentary is done.  Well, commentary could not be done earlier in the day.  It is quite essential to have toilet paper and alcohol around.  Given that the woman at the agency who was sure to be around this morning had an emergency this morning, the local drug store was called. 

Hunting up the lady who was likely fired wasn’t easy.  All that was known was that her mother (now retired) had worked for a rescue mission the name of which was elusive.  It took some searching of lists and a good guess to find that.  They had to recall her and see if it was okay to give me her telephone number, then there was the matter of getting past her answering machine.  There finally had to be a pause to rest in all the activity – after the drug store delivered the emergency supplies and so forth. 

High gear is for hard times. 


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