July 12, 2011

It’s a Tuesday evening.  There has been no recalled internet connectivity all day, and yours truly is sitting on a re-charging scooter (at least two more hours of that is likely) staring periodically at the unfinished shopping list notes wondering whether to try to write out a real commentary in the hope of a connection.  It might be a better idea to write something if/when there is connectivity – at least that’s the way it seemed last week. 

There’s certainly no point in sitting and waiting for a connection as, after all, it may not happen at all until a repair service is scrounged up, which is based on whether someone to go to the bank can be scrounged up, which is based to an extent on whether the normal course of events are in order, which won’t be the case either come tomorrow (new homemaker aide due) or Friday (agency supervising visiting, partly to see about additional services as there may be a case of losing ground at hand). 

So, okay, this is a commentary without it being a commentary in the normal sense.  It’s briefer, says less than usual (which of itself isn’t much), with no attempt to be professional.  That ended when a spelling correction couldn’t be done because the internet connection died.  It may not look much different, but it is different.  The other blog is, too. 

All messages should end somewhere.   


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