One Monday’s Results

It do indeed look like there’s a connection yet….  A few words then are possible.  At least this business does have the value of being a personal reference of sorts.  There are some strange reasons for a reference these days, for example:  given the fact that it is severely impractical to consider anything like a standard bed given the bed bug concerns, in order to find out if air beds were a real option, it was good sense to find out how long they lasted, approximately. It wasn’t convenient to keep orderly records. 

While these odds and ends bits of existence may have some value even to others (at least to anyone told how long the air beds might last, again for example), it is something to wonder over.  There are other things that might be written that might be more necessary in time.  More important, the days are very similar.  That leads to the problem of how to say the same thing over and over without being too repetitious.  There are only so many ways to say something.  A little variety is easy at first, but only then. 

Well, the lady who volunteered to do all sorts of things (for pay) on (what was it?) Friday and opted out of all but one on Sunday opted out of the one on Monday.  In other words, she didn’t show as was expected and worked into the system.  Surprisingly what did get a little attention was the grocery list.  That took a lot of effort on the chain drug store part as the advertising had to be fished out online with a computer that doesn’t work very well.  It seems it was worth the effort.  Useful things are on sale. 

Humans can be strange animals. 


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