What To Do? What To Do?

Now is a time for six hands and three heads….  There has been no (known) connection, of course; but, this afternoon during calming of the nerves with a game, it said yes.  It wasn’t much of a yes.  It was gone as fast, then it was back and gone.  The postings were sitting in the tray.  The publish button got hit again and again for the first one.  Finally it went through very jerkily.  A second was tried. Ditto. Well, the ready all got set eventually.  And, that left the question of what to do in the next hours as it will die again. 

The plan was to start the grocery list.  A rest period is also needed anymore.  But, if there’s a connection….  And, there is still a choice as the pictures need checking, the weblogs need commentary, mail needs sorting (at least a little) and one very special message board item could have been posted.  The grocery list really can wait a bit, but not too long as there’s a new woman coming on Wednesday.  It has to be figured out to accommodate someone not familiar with a lot of details complicated by the no banking yet. 

It looked like for one whole day (yesterday afternoon until near the same time today) there might be someone in this building of nearly two hundred people (including some that wander in every day) who might be looking for a few extra dollars to do a few odds and ends for a decrepit soul.  She back out of the deal for tomorrow.  About four hours later she backed out of all but one little incidental item, which just might go soon.  So much for the bulletin board notice.  It came down yesterday and was back up this evening. 

There’s supposed to be an answer for everything. 



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2 responses to “What To Do? What To Do?

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    I gather in the building where you live you all ‘share’ an internet connection or do use a ‘dongle’ ( a gizmo plugged into computer that receives signals)
    Anyway glad to see you are ‘connected’ albeit for an intermitted time.

    • Hi, Ann!

      As usual, thanks for the comment. In answer to your wonderings:

      It’s neither of those things.

      In this area the local land line telephone company provides both broadband internet service (they run a second telephone line — signal — through for the broadband) and, of course, there is dial up service (which, of course, cuts off use of the telephone). There is a cable television company “out there somewhere” that also provides both broadband internet service and mobile phone service (not land line telephone service), but, the building isn’t wired for it. When the building was wired for cable television, it was wired for a company that offered nothing but cable television. So, if the residents of the building want broadband internet service, they have to use what is offered by the land line telephone company.

      Now, it just so happens that there is a nearby LOCAL UNSECURED wireless connection that is strong enough to be picked up in the place. It only makes sense to use it, especially if one has neither a television or a land line telephone, and I have neither.

      There’s no internet connection in the building beyond the telephone lines and there is nothing plugged into this computer but the electricity via a re-charger and a mouse (even though the keyboard has the touchpad system).

      (I hope I didn’t make that too confusing. :-))


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