There Are Events

It’s Friday night, July 8, 2011, as this is being written regardless of when it gets published; and, it is going to be written whether it gets published or not.  It can always be hand copied, if it is saved some place reasonable. The system seems adequate for that, yours truly is sitting on a re-charging scooter and things happened more than usual today.  There’s not going to be many commentaries written if there’s not publishing means; but, one or two won’t hurt if notable enough happening came to be. 

First thing in the morning a bunch of telephone time was used up in an effort to find some additional extra pair of hands or the like.  At a little after noon the man from the food truck arrived; a couple of dinners more expensive than usual were bought to perk up spirits. It’s been a while since dinner was salmon.  The idea’s timing was a particularly appropriate thing.  In the subsequent trip to the lobby it was found that the Aviation Trail travel brochure attached to the jobs notice had been torn off, wadded up and trashed. 

It’s possible that extra pair of hands at least for some things is now found.  That’s not sure.  It’s especially important since it has been established that the homemaker aide that had been coming is not with the agency any longer, possibly briefly, possibly for good.  In either case there’s a new woman coming next week and from then on unless something substantial happens.  Since the “extra hands” seem certain, the rest of the notice on the bulletin board was also taken down (and saved, just in case).  (Written for July 8, 2011.)

Changes can be seasonal.     


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