Holiday Weird Events

Oh, does it seem there’s going to be a problem in the days ahead as a result of the five officers of the residents’ association calling it quits.  Late this afternoon three would be wheelers and dealers sat in front of the building deliberately trying to get a rise out of those innocently going out the door – possibly just some of the people in the place. One might be a board member that didn’t quit and so is a possible person still angling for an association. The meetings had been scheduled for the second Wednesdays of the month. 

Amid the throwing around of weight, the notice yours truly put back up on the bulletin board was removed again.  And, the second less carefully done copy that has been carried around until needed was put up.  This time an Aviation Trail travel brochure was added to it as the supposed concern is that bulletin board notices should have proper printed (computer sign making) form. The leaflet is related, and the print job is extra-ordinarily better than anything they ever created.  It may be lost; but, it was worth a try. 

The grocery advertising finally arrived and there is little in it that is normally purchased that is likewise on sale.  A lot of thought has to go into this week’s homemaker aide service.  And, there’s likely to be a need for additional (extra) scooter battery re-charging due to the running around about the bulletin board notice.  The new went up around 2:00 p.m., and by 6:00 p.m. someone had taken out a couple of thumb tacks holding things in place. It just has to hold up until tomorrow (if possible), which means more lobby trip. 

Figuring things out can be intricate. 


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