Week Begins On Sunday

In different places and for different reasons weeks may start on a day other than Sunday.  Here and now, they start on Sunday.  First thing to be handled this week, this Sunday morning, was a scooter re-charge.  It seemed beyond available effort to do it last night. An unavoidable state of near immobility, therefore, lasted from about 8:00 a.m. until about 11:00 a.m. (this time, sometimes it does not take four hours). Breakfast was potato chips as that’s what’s sitting on the table by the computer, a place to sit for three hours. 

Lunch was ice cream nuggets and pancakes. Shortly after noon the lobby trip was instituted.  The bulletin board was checked to see if the notice was still there (yes). The in house mail box was emptied. The advertising news box was just eyed on the way out the door as there was nothing in it.  There was no dawdling outside.  It was hot and oppressive outside.  There was a careful study of the parking lot in search of the car of a resident. It seemed like it was there, so on the way back an Aviation Trail brochure was dropped off. 

Delivering the Aviation Trail brochure (like the scooter re-charge) is considered a bit of an accomplishment. The man has been the only person that appeared truly interested in the aviation heritage area. He seemed happy to have the leaflet. There’s been a sort of watch for him since they arrived on Wednesday.  After that delivery, there was an afternoon nap, a substantial one for a change.  That, too, is getting something done as yours truly has been worse than normal for at least two weeks.  And, Monday comes quickly now. 

There’s a good feeling with accomplishments. 


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