Another Day

Well, it’s hurry and post something again as there was a connection again this morning (no system update sitting in the tray at present) and that makes publishing a possibility.  The connection sticks, but it is there (that is, part of the page comes up and it’s eventually for the rest).  A problem has arisen in regard to using the printer.  The thing has a DVD that supposed to be played to set it up, and drive D:\ or whatever it is doesn’t play.  There’s evidently something off in the works as it did play some months ago. 

It’s Saturday.  It’s hot in Covington, not impossibly, just “very.”  The trip downstairs was definitely needed as the notice that yours truly had put on the bulletin board had been taken down.  It was found wadded up in the trash.  It was also put back; but, it is not going to be left there.  It is not even certain whether it was taken down by the management or a busy-body resident; but, since the trash was probably emptied yesterday (there was only some mail on top). it’s assumed it was a resident.  (New sign is needed.) 

Given the connection, there was some message board visiting; but, there’s only one with anything of importance.  There’s also much in the way of “real world” things at present and little time for that.  It’s hoped some things will go better, of course; it’s almost impossible to do something and have it work out okay.  Strangely, there aren’t many people just hanging around (two were seen this noontime). A lot of the cars were gone, too; and, while some may be out getting groceries, at least one person hasn’t been around for days. 

Holiday weekends are different. 


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