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The very late night connection that materialized Thursday night did last into Friday.  To avoid some of the jiggling around that happens at different sites due to things like advertising that’s on pages (that is substantial both with Yahoo Mail and the Dayton Daily News as is frequent turnover of material), even though it cost the dollar for the connection, email, the weather and news headlines were looked at via the mobile unit of the cell phone. They aren’t the old, familiar news sources, but they are okay and a lot faster. 

The night was not good, but in many ways not as bad as others.  A trip downstairs, of course, was undertaken anyway, although it was a bit reluctantly.  It was worthwhile from one viewpoint. The bulletin board had a notice saying five officers of the residents’ association had resigned as of today.  It was known that the current president, a lady that took over when the resident elected president moved to another place, was going to quit. Evidently the people farther down the line were not going to get stuck with the job. 

Well, there may be a new system initiated with email and news as it is faster via mobile unit.  It is common for it to be used now.  While the residents’ association wasn’t anything frequented and a couple of the trustees may still be in office, it was something that might be of some help in some cases.  Since there was internet connection in the afternoon, some time was spent with computer things. It took a little more time than expected, but the week’s pictures got looked over and a couple of messages were posted. 

It’s not always possible to work fast.  


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