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Thus And So

And, as expected, it all happened again.  An anti-virus update that came through apparently was strong enough to cause connection; a systems update then came through, and for that the computer was automatically shut down absolutely breaking it, although the dialog notes hint at some traces. The connection did stay for a while. And, it is now about 12:15 a.m., Thursday.  This part of the workings is “on time.”  Publishing will boil down to catching the brass ring on the merry-go-round.  So will some of the writing.  

The mail brought some nice things, like a little notepad gift.  There was little to buy at the store except the weekend disasters used up almost all of the paper products on hand.  The weekend disasters did do some continuing, and it turned out that the breakfast items were left off of the list for the grocery.  Fortunately, there are other items around that can do for breakfast, and maybe it’s time some of those where used up.  So, it’s no waffles or French toast.  There is oatmeal and the milk may still be good…. 

And, at this point in time it is no longer the most early hours of the day, it’s evening. The scooter is sitting in re-charge with yours truly sitting on it.  Payment for the telephone was poked in the account. In view of the mis-adventures, the rent money order was taken to the office a day early just in case there’s more. The positive side to that is, with that out of the way for a few days, doing something for the computer is back to the near top of the heap.  There was no connection until 10:50 p.m..  (Written Thursday, June 30, 2011.)

What’s written in history is written in life. 


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