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More Connectivity….

So, yours truly really got ready for a “black out” (for lack of a better description) and one didn’t develop. Well, the commentary written, although pre-written and lacking current specifics, wasn’t bad.  As to what actually took place on Tuesday, as of 3:00 p.m., not much beyond the discovery that there was a problem with the telephone (no mobile web connection) and there might be a problem with the agency service requested (another call was made to see about it as well as to make sure the first one was received). 

Now, there were some relatively important things to do, namely get the letter mentioned written, make the telephone payment, and, of course, get ready for the homemaker aide service already in place, none of which was done in the morning or early afternoon as it was discovered there could be commentaries published for Wednesday as the internet connection remained.  The letter could be carried to the post office, the telephone still had some time on it and so forth, even though delaying things is not a good idea. 

So, the present moment is just Tuesday afternoon, not Wednesday, day or night.  The Diary’s Blog already has a commentary set to be published Wednesday (for Thursday morning) and soon one will be sent off for here, too, provided the connection holds on for a short while yet.  It is current events in the apartment underfoot, even if it is not exactly on or from the given date.  One has to make do with what one has. It is a confused time in all sorts of ways hereabouts. And, onward to the expected … maybe. 

Some things need constant adjustment.      



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