In Anticipation….

The moment of taking computer under hand isn’t either a Tuesday or a day after. It’s going on 6:00 p.m. Monday, the day before this Tuesday.  If the internet connectivity dies in a short while, there will be something to read come Wednesday morning. If the connection somehow stays alive, even if something monumental occurs, which isn’t likely, it can be mentioned later.  At least that seems to be the way this will work out okay.  (Well, it’s worth a try; even if it doesn’t work out well, there’s no great harm done.)

So, anyhow, this is Monday evening.  Commentary for Tuesday has already been written and posted in The Diary’s Blog. Another anti-virus update just came through, and those only hold things in place for so long.  There’s plenty of mess to clean up in preparation for Wednesday’s homemaker aide visit as nothing was done Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  A letter has to be gotten into the mail, which is a likely Tuesday chore unless it can be done after this is finished. A payment for the telephone also has to be poked into that system.

And, so what if it is a “pre-posted” commentary?  It’s only guessing at one day. Furthermore, unless yours truly drops dead (it’s always a possibility) or the building explodes or some such thing so those that survive have to be relocated, there isn’t likely to be much that is different from any other Tuesday.  The one thing that might take place is that the person from the homemaker aide service who can set up the additional service might show up; but, it’s not expected at the moment.  It’s not even sure she got the recorded message. 

Life goes on for the living. 


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