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Obviously, Back For A Moment

Now an idea at this Monday very early afternoon was to have lunch, as one is supposed to have lunch. There was no dire hunger. Since there was no dire hunger, there was no bother about much – just a ham sandwich and coffee.  Well, coffee can go with a cigarette and a little time killing, such as a fast little computer game (reading any papers around is too much effort). So… Yes, anti-virus update was on the way.  It would no doubt have been missed had dessert and slaw been included in the lunch. 

And, of course, not anticipating a connection, the cell phone was in use earlier using up another dollar and a lot of thumb effort on the mobile unit.  Also, the post lunch nap – the past two days were too troublesome to discuss beyond the fact that a call was put in to the homemaker aide service business to see about some more service, like maybe an hour or more per week – was set aside to see about posting a commentary for today.  A nap can take place later.  And, never mind that complex wording; something’s being written. 

Nothing has been done toward getting ready for Wednesday, which is due soon (like in two days), except the weekly advertising packet was picked up from the box.  Indeed, the stuff was picked up near to midnight Saturday night as yours truly decided it would be good to update the notice on the bulletin board for Sunday, lest that fine soul that loves to clean off handwritten (trashy) notices would come along early Sunday.  See, this is a high class joint where some folks think bulletin board notes should be formal announcements. 

Some thoughts can need censoring. 


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