Hello, Again!

It is a Friday afternoon and there was a thought to play off a couple of brief games while finishing off the lunch coffee.  Some stuff to be handwritten out (the printer is not yet set up) was done to be taken to a couple of people in the building (not that it’s expected to do a thing but waste time), but there was still some coffee left….  Those deliveries shall wait until later.  The anti-virus had an update.  The computer got connected to the internet.  How long it will last is yet to be seen.  Maybe long enough for something fast. 

So, is anyone still around?  Any comments are forwarded to email, so they will be read. That’s easy to get to via the cell phone mobile service.  It’s just that there’s not a lot of hope there will be much of a continued connectivity so that there’s a way to answer.  At least it is not likely to be an answer that comes very soon.  This will not be published until the “standardized” 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time, if there is connection long enough to get it written and sent, so no one will see it until several hours from this moment. 

It’s been terribly stormy in Covington during the last few days, so a couple of trips outside were a bit damp.  There’s an awning over the entry way (like at a sort of posh hotel) that’s over the driveway, but rain water drips off the edges and a few places like where the supports hold it up.  There are dry spots here and there, but not if the rain is heavy.  The food truck came today, so along with what was brought Wednesday, there’s plenty to eat.  Recent events?  If possible tomorrow.  It’s hoped there’s time for the pictures. 

Some opportunities are brief.   



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2 responses to “Hello, Again!

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Hi..glad to hear you have connection to the w.w.w. and all is as well as expected…Take Care x

    • Hi, Ann,

      Thanks again for commenting. Lo! And, behold! This afternoon it seems there is again a momentary connection (just not this morning or yesterday). The matter is under serious study.


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