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Awaiting Anti-Virus Update

As expected, the connectivity was lost last evening, but not quite as expected.  A trick email letter came in equipped with malware that jammed what was on the screen.  It seemed the only way to get rid of it was to shut the entire system down.  The updates for Windows would have shut it down anyway, but it didn’t have to be right then. There was no chance to go through the weekly pictures. Sometimes they send out the same offer more than once, but not too often.  A few choice images have been lost though technical nonsense. 

At any rate, based on the notion (strong suspicion) that updates for the anti-virus somehow gives support to the internet connectivity, it makes a certain amount of sense to go ahead and get some things writ. There may be a heaven and a hell and spirits watching over a few humble wishes of humanity; but, as near as can be determined there is no interference immediately around in ordinary courses of events. (In other words, there’s a concrete reason underneath what happens, although what that is remains in a state of suspicion.) 

Since it was thought to be a little pointless to be composing if there is no publishing (and it may still be so – updates do not necessarily arrive all of the time), there was a little early work toward what will be needed for Wednesday.  It’s not a lot.  A lot of time is spent on the mobile unit of the cell phone trying to keep up with things. And, there has been effort toward help in keeping up with the bed bug situation.  That will be around for the rest of this lifetime.  It’s best to know some of the score.  (Written for Monday, 6/20/11.)

Tomorrow is always unsure. 


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