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A Little Excitement

To all outward appearances, it’s another time of extended isolation from the virtual world.  So, okay, today, is June 15, 2011, and who knows about publication – maybe some angelic spirit around that’s watching things from another dimension but who/which doesn’t see any idea to implant in whatever way such might be implanted.  It is a Wednesday.  The homemaker aide did well today as near as can be determined. Most importantly she brought back the rent money orders.  There’s a stronger anticipation of shelter. 

Seems like the bulletin board notice has been mentioned.  Put up a week ago last Sunday, by a week ago last Monday maybe noontime but likely Sunday night it had been torn down.  Re-done as soon as it was seen as gone, exactly as before except an “approved” stamp from the management was added, it was back up later that day.  It sat undisturbed until maybe last night.  Today it was covered over, corner to corner, by a message of no practical value to anyone, an article about what a person should know to become an American.

There was near to panic this morning when the papers were being put together for the homemaker aide.  Mail from last week was not to be found. Mail from last week included the social security check. A note to check at the post office was on the shopping list.  But, the note was unneeded as, like the missing keys, she still had it. There have been two envelopes instead of one going every week and she only remembered the one with the receipts….  All is well.  (It really can be a complicated rush job, and checks can be re-issued.)    

Maybe tomorrow will be peaceful.   


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