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It’s Tuesday….

Upon looking around, the evidence indicates that it is Tuesday near nightfall. The only progress on preparing for homemaker aide (due tomorrow) is that the grocery advertising has been sorted out from the bundle of weekly advertising (it does take a few minutes) along with giving it a preliminary glance. It has also been determined how and where she might go tomorrow (which does take a little thought) and some of what she might get apart from the groceries.  In other words, not much has been done. 

The scooter needed re-charging badly this morning.  It could have been handled differently (like doing it last night).  However, since a rollator is now present (and it was used again, this time for getting around while the re-charge was happening), there’s been less of a concern about how much walking is involved.  So, this morning was a better idea, although it meant the visit to the outside world was a little later than ideal.  That’s okay – there was an opportunity to do a small good deed. 

A critical look at the trash says there’s too much there in the way of snot rags.  There’s always quite a bit in a week’s accumulation, but what’s been accumulated looks to be about twice as much as a low week amount.  A summer cold, iron deficiency, dehydration, pollen and unknown factors on top of basic conditions are all possibilities in the scheme of things. For some reason it has at times been more difficult to breathe, especially in the mornings.  Well, a cemetery plot’s paid and sometimes one can only continue. 

It’s amazing how much trash can accumulate.         


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