A Little Bit New

“Nothing New” was to be the subject.  It definitely looked like there was nothing new as the day started, apart from the fact that “lovely for a change” seemed to be a fitting description for the day. Trip to the lobby immediately changed that.  The first elevator was full.  A friendly lady was in front and waved good-by. The second elevator was almost immediate, and the people were still at the mail boxes discussing the possibility that the mail carrier had not arrived.  The lady that waved stopped for a genuine conversation. 

A genuine conversation in the place is a rarity. People tend to fly by with whatever interest they have right then, yours truly included. Of course, part of that is due to the fact that attempts at conversation with the people that happen to be around have proven to be futile, and there’s no desire to hear the latest whatever it is proclamation that he or she wants to lay on whoever happens to be standing (or sitting) in the immediate vicinity.  The quiet souls don’t run around in the place very much. 

A change of pace happened in the food department.  Intending to pitch an outdated advertising magazine a couple of days ago and, therefore, quickly looking through it, an ad related to deficiency in iron was noticed. It’s been a past thing, and it was forgotten.  With the idea it might be a contributing factor to the recent not-so-good mornings, the usual ham sandwich lunch was by-passed in favor of breakfast cereal supposedly rich in iron.  And, more forgotten fact is that milk tends to cause diarrhea.  😦 😦

Forgetfulness is not necessarily a sign of old age. 


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