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Special Chore Included

An exceptionally bad day went by today.  Very early in the morning there was an unexpected awakening, and for a time it seemed that mind and body didn’t coordinate very well.  The weather may have been the cause – the temperature at the newspaper site suggested that the temperature was dropping, and the day had strong storms eventually. Regardless, the day was such that Friday’s downloading of pictures didn’t get the slightest attention.  Indeed, the trip to the lobby did not take place until nearly 5:00 p.m. 

The hair has been in dire need of attention.  It has needed some of the end whacked off for some time. Although it’s normally sort of in a wad and held up with a clip, it still gets tangled up during a night or while just resting.  It’s a chore undoing the tangles both because it’s long and also because it’s so dry a “grease job” of mineral oil is needed. There’s a way to cut it even by pulling it to the front.  Well, it was done without the mirror.  A good eight inches of straggly end was cut off, and it’ll have to be straightened later. 

Today was a day for the food truck.  Since yesterday was a day for such things as figuring out and fixing a small problem with the new gizmo, the order got shorted as the cash was uncertain. There was enough bought to get by.  Fortunately, the man was nearly an hour late due to a heavy downpour of rain at his more normal time. The truck is the best place to get something like ice cream (a good item for the current above average temperatures).  If such is put on the list for the supermarket, it can melt. 

One can hope tomorrow is better. 


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