A New Gizmo

Once again there was internet connectivity today in conjunction with the arrival of an anti-virus update. The connection seems to kick in perhaps five minutes before the little notice in the lower right of the screen announcing that the program has been updated.  Access to the internet can last for a while after that (yesterday the connection stayed for a good four hours, until after business hours).  Today’s update came at a bad time.  It being a Wednesday, it’s the day for the homemaker service and the lady arrived a few minutes later. 

Today’s errands were a mixture of good and disappointing.  A few of the Aviation Trail travel brochures were recently requested.  The mail didn’t have those yet.  On the bright side, yours truly bought a thing called a “rollator.”  Homemaker aide was sent with the idea it would have to be ordered.  It turns out the store had them in stock or they had at least a few of them in stock.  As they are discussed some in yesterday’s commentary in The Diary’s Blog, that’s enough description for the moment. 

The bottom line with the rollator is, while there’s no comparison to a scooter, if the scooter should happen to give out unexpectedly a need for something handy is sure to be the case.  It takes about a week for a scooter to arrive after it is ordered.  The one being sat upon at the moment has seen a lot of use since its arrival, and it’s starting to show bits of wear.  It’s good for a while yet, but with the rollator around, there will be much less concern over such things as getting the battery re-charged. 

It’s fun to try new things. 


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