Another Connection!

As anyone who looks can see, there’s a commentary for yesterday in each weblog. The entries weren’t published at 9:30 p.m., which is a proper time.  They also didn’t make it to WordPress before the witching hour of midnight.  It was just shortly after 12:00 p.m. this noontime when they were sent to the publisher. As stated, they got done “just in case,” and yours truly took a look to see if there was a connection just to be taking a look.  It do seem to be a case of the anti-virus updates having an effect as one came through then. 

It’s the signal strength (not the quality) that is listed as weak.  And, one can guess the anti-virus has more power behind it.  So, it just may be a matter of the signal ramming it’s way through whatever is there. Regardless, as the entries were written, they frantically were grabbed out of draft and sent.  And, then there was a little looking around at stuff that seemed important.  And, as there is still some now and then connection left, it makes sense to hurry up and write something for today and maybe get it sent. 

The intention upon coming back from the lobby trip was to go have lunch, make a telephone call and start on the grocery list.  Well, if a commentary can be finished off in a hurry, there’s nothing rare in a very late lunch.  The publishing time is whatever is set if it’s before that hour.  The bit of advertising was still on the bulletin board.  No one but one person was outside.  He wasn’t in the smoking area. A peaceful trip is good. The system says the computer battery is fully charged; but, as soon as the electricity is disconnected it’s off. 

Opportunity doesn’t knock long.  


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