Petty Annoyance

And, the new rule (seems the most reasonable thing to do) is write it, and if by some miracle there’s connectivity, it can be posted.  A couple of things are wrong with the idea. One is there may be such an accumulation of things saved that there’s no fast way to sort out what really was in draft and what was waiting for a chance.  Well, if there’s a mess, there’s a mess. It’s a good enough rule for today if not for the rest of the week.  The scooter is sitting in re-charge. It’s likely to be a long one, so little else can be done anyway. 

Besides the inability to do much, there was a “happening.” It began yesterday.  In view of the two “helpful” ladies discussed here in the last two months, neither of whom did anything needed, yours truly thought a bit of advertising worthwhile, and it might as well start on someone to do a follow-up reading (maybe editing) for that grand project that never gets attention.  It’s legitimate and is worth a few dollars.  The advertising went up late yesterday morning and was there in the afternoon, but today it was gone. 

The sign was not a bad-looking sign, although hand done. It was a chance for someone to at least have a few extra gallons of gasoline if it could be arranged.  The odds are excellent, however, that the sign was not taken down by an interested party.  Instead, it was a likely take down last evening by someone who didn’t like the name and apartment number added to it as no specifics were mentioned as to what someone needed to do for the ten dollars an hour. Well, a replacement is there now with stamp of approval. 

A percentage of unexpected is unavoidable.    


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