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What’s Happening?

Well, it seems the battery in the computer is completely dead.  The battery has to be used if the only connection to the internet is down in front of the elevators.  As soon as the electrical connection is out, the computer is off. Yesterday The Diary’s Blog commentary wasn’t published yet when the internet connection died. The trip down the hall took place as usual, and the computer was completely shut off. Assorted messing in the apartment showed the current location to be the only place usable if there’s any connection at all. 

So, clearly this wonderful deathless composition is in jeopardy.  It’s possibly not just the battery, either.  The system keeps checking it all when it starts up on the claim of a problem in “disk consistency” with the most current report claiming, among other things, this and that is wrong with Avast! (the anti-virus), Live Writer (the thing used to compose these masterpieces) and systems restore (used earlier yesterday to try to do something about all these matters). Presently there seems a possibility of getting this published. 

It’s going on Sunday evening. A note got stuck on the bulletin board to see if it’s possible to find someone to go farther than the agency will allow the homemaker aide to go and/or to help with some odd things.  It’s not likely, but it doesn’t hurt to try it again as some new people are now under the roof. The grocery advertising got picked up, and so forth, so that part of the routine is in order.  And, if the connection holds out long enough, this will get published. That’s so anyone interested will know the situation. 

“’Til we meet again” is a good saying. 


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