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This is not memory loss.  It’s a matter of having one’s mind on one or more things that need figuring out at which point something else comes along to interrupt the thinking.  Since it happened again this morning (Saturday) after a relatively good night’s sleep and all that, it seemed worth describing.  There was no computer connection of any worth, so the mobile unit was used to check on things.  Mobile, of course, being rather infinitely slower, has as the objective what’s usually only the utmost essential (sometimes successfully gained). 

After email (which includes forwarded messages), the weather was a sensible thing to check.  It said 72 degrees.  This be a little after 9:00 a.m.  If so, by afternoon it would be how much?  Sure enough, it said in the 90’s.  Even 72 was warmish at 9:00 a.m. Running the air conditioning was okay.  A good half hour later it sank in that the high predicted would be outside, not in the little space occupied by yours truly most of the time.  The space is a little, cooled off sort of box in that outside world. 

Now how much alertness does it take to realize that weather report temperatures are for the outside world, and they don’t apply if one is inside in an air conditioned place?  Granted, a good deal of living has been done without air conditioning; but, the same principle fits outside temperature and winter heat.  Further, the heating/cooling unit at hand is fiddled with a good three or four times a day.  It is a thing often recalled.  And, what was really uppermost in the mind? Well, the web, the scooter, the bathroom, food…. 

Daily needs can’t be ignored. 


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