Another Pictures’ Day!

So, it’s Friday again today.  And, that means hurry to check through the free samples pictures … that is, if there’s a shred of connection to the internet. Shred of connection to the internet did exist, but no usable pictures in the collection existed.  Four books of paper dolls were there, and they might be a great thing for some other people or even if there were a need for clothing images, but that is not the way things are.  There was music, baseball and more; but, none of it likely to be used, piano in the basement or not. 

Without the pictures to stew over, it’s been a second day to not be uptight in a rush.  That part of the deal was good.  Wednesday, on the shopping list, DVD’s (or is that DVDs?) were included to take a load of the pictures off of the computer.  It’s not certain if the right thing was ordered, but, since there were no pictures to add, that’s all a likely way for things to be.  That’s the way things work out any more.  Well, the shred of connection was used to look around a bit and add a small message here or there. 

For a while it looked like the scooter needed re-charging again.  It was stopped before it got fully connected as there was a need for the thing.  Then it looked like the gauge had been wrong, so it was skipped.  Now it is still later, and it looks like it should have been a re-charge session as soon as possible.  Maybe there will be power enough for the morning, otherwise yours truly doesn’t want to think about it.  If possible maybe the rest of the groceries will be taken care of tomorrow. 

Things are usually only near perfect. 


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