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Day To Be Sick

Perhaps it needs to be explained that only the most minimal of life activities are carried on in the apartment underfoot. There is, as an example, an attempt at three meals per day. Mostly it’s warm it up and eat it.  Sandwiches are made, complete with smears of such as mustard.  Once in a while something like oatmeal is fixed. But, as a rule, it’s warm up something already prepared and eat.  That’s all that can be managed. Not counting getting stuff, it takes about two hours out of a day.  Getting stuff also takes time. 

Eating, of course, is not all there is to minimal life.  And, the figures are based on using the scooter. Even going out to the kitchen takes much longer on foot.  Ideally scooter re-charging (that’s part of the minimal) is coupled with something like writing these commentaries or something else that takes no movement. Otherwise, it’s lost time as it take too much personal effort to do anything more. One of the biggest time consumers is the coughing and nose blowing bit. That takes time because there’s a lot of it. 

With other things that turn up (such as the three inspections in May) there is precious little time to be sick. Case in point, the right ankle is swollen.  It goes down some, but there’s not enough opportunity for sufficient proper care (the left ankle has been all right for some time).  Today was one of those rare days when there was a chance to be sick for a while – yours truly got some extra bed rest. If there was something essential overlooked, it’s not known what it is.  That doesn’t mean there’s nothing that needs to be done. 

Every chance helps. 


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