It’s Time For A Try

Well, I shall write it. If/when there is a connection, publishing will be attempted.  Publishing date will be as is shown.  Today’s date, (the writing date) is June 1, 2011. And, today is a Wednesday, one that is slightly different from the usual.  It seemed that the keys for both the post office box and the storage area were lost.  A search led to nothing.  It turned out that little homemaker aide got a little rushed or something and carried off the keys last week.  Found on Sunday, she said.  Some telephone calls were made. 

The last real entry (May 29) was tried several times until 3:00 a.m. on the 30th, when it was decided it was impossible. Scans for virus were run, etc. The details of the connectivity were checked out and it was concluded something more than normal was involved.  After the cell phone entry, since there were entries for both blogs, a last shot was tried later, which obviously did go through. But, it seemed sensible to wait until after the holiday to try again. If weather or the holiday was involved, that had to have time to change. 

Part of Monday was spent catching up on sleep and getting money in better order.  It’ll be okay if homemaker aide goes to the bank every week for a month or so, and the likes of the woman who did not show will not be needed. The rent got paid yesterday instead of today, just in case there would be problems today.  A lady from the homemaker aide service agency showed up today to look over things.  Good thing the rent was out of the way.  Scooter got re-charged. It runs down even if there’s no chasing after the internet. 

There’s no such thing as retirement.   


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