A Better Moment

NOTE:  No connection at all Sunday night, May 29. 

It’s Sunday evening.  The scooter sits on re-charge.  It should finish in plenty of time to scoot down the hall to publish the day’s insights into mere existence if need be. It worked out so well there can’t be expectation of any better deal. Her/it lasted comfortably until 4:00 p.m.  All known “scooting around” was done.  Even the overflowing trash bag was packed up and carried to the holding area.  While a couple of “lesser” trash bags could likewise be packed up, the all-important one for snot rags by the computer is now a new one. 

There are no hunger pangs.  Lunch was at 5:00 p.m. It was a lunch due to still lingering weariness that led to breakfast at about 12:30 p.m.; but, that’s okay – yours truly has spent a lifetime in that way. The day was warmish, so the trip outside wasn’t choice; but, the in house mail box did get cleaned out and the grocery advertising got picked up.  All is well there, too.  The air bed is still functional, and come Wednesday homemaker aide can see about another spare if the spare at hand has to be used. 

The one thing that isn’t in good shape is the computer connectivity. Most of the day it has sat on “Limited or no connectivity,” which isn’t any.  Even the anti-virus updates haven’t made it through. But that does always suggest that there is still some not too far away. It isn’t likely there will be any more looking through last week’s pictures. A few of those links not explored Friday/Saturday midnight did look like they just might have a couple of unimportant little things.  But, one can’t have everything. 

One should always thank the Fates for small favors.  


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