What’s A Light Bulb?

Some of this may have been mentioned before; but, since it’s back as a point of interest, a little review’s worthwhile. The kitchen area (technically it can be called that) has no window.  What light is there is man-made.  And, without any light, the place is like a hallway or closet of some paces without light. Some kitchen areas in the place do not even have as much space, so this is not a moan about lack of a “real” kitchen, although there’s a firm conviction that if there is no room for a table and chairs, it’s not a kitchen. 

The kitchen light bulb burns out about once a month. The fixture is too high to reach for most people (maintenance is tall enough).  It’s certainly too high for someone who had best sit on a scooter to get around.  The light is presently burned out again, as already stated. If necessary, it’s a good possibility that a table lamp could be used to do things, but that’s not what should be. Replacing the light bulb is a maintenance need and must be handled through the office.  It was reported today as yesterday was busy. 

Now, this is all just a matter of replacing a light bulb….  The light is not a matter of convenience.  Ideally, the replacement request time was yesterday morning; but, yesterday was the one chance a week to get stuff.  Further, the homemaker aide was three hours late.  It shot down the afternoon. There was enough scooter energy left for one trip today; the light bulb was reported with today’s lobby trip, and yours truly sat and waited uselessly until 5:00 p.m.  And, the scooter couldn’t be set up to re-charge until after that. 

There’s reason to hate being old. 



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2 responses to “What’s A Light Bulb?

  1. If the light bulb burns out once a month , it might pay to get them to check the electrics. Sounds like a voltage surge.

    • Hello, Michael,

      And, thank you. Maintenance finally showed up around 4:00 p.m. today, by which time I had resorted to posting a note on the door amended twice thereafter. The note said ask about voltage surge, and when I got to the door I asked if they read it. What I got back was some previously issued comments about cheap light bulbs. Well, they’re General Electric, and if that’s “too cheap” I really don’t know what kind to buy. They may be made in some other country; but, there’s a big, important General Electric factory on the north side of Cincinnati (Evendale), and one would think if G.E. somehow became “no good” there would be plenty of talk about it. There isn’t. You are helping me build a defense case. 🙂


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