An Assessment

Another day is ending, or is it another week has ended?  There is a load of groceries in the kitchen area and scattered a bit in the front room.  What needed refrigeration is refrigerated. (The rest can sit.) A general assessment of things says both good and bad.  Checking out sore muscles shows a substantial amount.  Homemaker aide is getting still later – the visit that all said needed to be at 11:00 a.m. today materialized at a few shakes before 2:00 p.m.  (If the visit is too late, she gets into a lot of traffic.) 

On the more worrisome but positive side of things, the rent money order business is currently okay. In the process of arranging that, it was figured out what might be done – at least in part – in regard to the banking concerns.  Homemaker aide was sent with the biggest monthly check, and the list carried some expensive things on it (the estimated shopping bill came to nearly $200).  The shopping with the rent essentially killed the check.  The bank staff may be getting to know her and did give her the cash. 

On the more negative side, yours truly has indeed been upset, and as evidence, a lovely dinner was shoved into the oven to heat/cook and the time was not checked.  That’s pretty bad, since it’s routine almost every evening and was after a nap of maybe two hours. It’s not an old age thing.  Young folks can get that hard pressed.  It’s a matter of being over-run.  In this case, there was also the fact that the kitchen light bulb burned out again first thing this morning. The guess on the time was pretty good. 

It isn’t good to skip dinner. 


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