Good Morning Indeed

The clock seemed to say a quarter to nine, so there was an arising as that alarm is set for 9:00 a.m.  After a few essentials (like a visit to the bathroom), there was a good look at the clock.  The “arising” wasn’t at 8:45 a.m.  It was at 6:45 a.m. That meant there had only been five hours sleep, not seven.  However, there was a good state of being awake; and, it would be better to go back to bed after the 9:00 a.m. alarm went off.  And, the computer had connectivity, not something to be ignored at any time. A look online was possible.

Well, yours truly would give a lot to know what brought about how it was this morning.  There was almost no coughing, sneezing, drippy nose, headache or other common debilitating condition. There was some to be sure, but nothing comparable to what has been a norm all along.  Indeed, after about an hour it was realized there hadn’t been a constant need to wipe the nose.  Standing up had not been an enormous effort followed by extensive panting.  It does happen that way very briefly sometimes.  This was for a good eight hours. 

The week’s advertising had not been delivered when the trip to the outside world took place. If it was going to be necessary to look for the store ad online, a connection would be needed, which wasn’t a great thought for the afternoon.  The advertising did arrive later in the day, which was a particularly good thing as by late afternoon a return to things right back to where they always are had started. It got progressively worse as the day drifted into evening.  For once a Sunday morning was a wondrous way to start the week. 

When all hope is lost, look again. 



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2 responses to “Good Morning Indeed

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Glad you had a good day. x

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