Another Saturday

The free pictures from last Friday did get looked through today.  A few that might conceivably be used somehow were downloaded to the computer.  That was the day’s accomplishment.  Connection to the internet is needed.  There was some – not continuous.  And, of course, it has to be that they have not faded out yet.  They used to vanish promptly on Friday.   Well, once again they did not fade out. There was very minor other accomplishment in things like one bag of trash got tied up in preparation for Wednesday. 

Someone said the Biblical “Rapture” was supposed to happen come this evening.  It’s past sunset in Covington, and it is not apparent in the place underfoot that anything happened.  The world will surely end someday, maybe sooner than when it would happen under the workings of the natural order.  Whether there’s a world beyond this one is not provable either way. But, it is certain groundless babble doesn’t do the cause of religion any good. False prophets there are a-plenty while there are critical times ahead. 

So, it’s Saturday night.  The most desperate need is to figure out a way to get the money orders for the rent.  The usual is pending for Wednesday.  And, what’s really at hand is a person getting slower (and older) with each passing minute running into disappointing or annoying things.  The new annoying thing is that someone classed as an enemy of sorts has taken to heading outdoors at the favored time.  Which would be all right except she sits by the door and so is hard to avoid.  It louses up that little exercise. 

The news of the day can be from anywhere.  



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2 responses to “Another Saturday

  1. Barbara Clough aka AmberANN

    Glad you weren’t raptured neither..ho ho.

    • Hi, Ann!

      Well, you know, that Bible some sources claim outright says the time is not known. The future is unknown. Such a thing might (MIGHT) happen someday in whole or in part. The real mystery is why people keep trying to figure it out.


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