A Day’s Round-Up

Calmly another Wednesday is drawing to an end.  It may not be too calm anywhere else in the world, but a few square feet right handy are calm. That’s good. Wednesdays are always tiring. Disturbances are not needed.  It always seems a little cleaner in the place late in the day, even though the homemaker aide doesn’t do anything but sweep the rug and carry out the trash. There isn’t that much on the rug.  As usual, scooting around gathering up the trash has used up a lot of scooter energy inch by inch. 

The favored news media in Dayton said something about it being a coldest day yesterday (or something like that) on record. There. So probably here.  There was a hottest on record recently.  Such does not make much difference in the apartment underfoot. The heating and cooling are not run as one might normally run them. Due to the excessive sun, or lack of it, coming in through the windows, actual temperatures are unimportant. It’s kind of interesting to know both in general and because it does affect attitudes. 

So, there’s food, etc., in the place.  Once again the scooter will be in need of re-charging.  The computer bounced on and off, mostly off, of the internet all day.  The ankle is getting bothersome again. Things worked out somehow so that the letter to the lady who may go do the banking did get written and dropped off   If she decides to do that and other chores mentioned (the dealing is for pay), it’ll help with several things. For one thing, the printer for the computer will get set up in a good way. 

Maybe tomorrow will be okay. 


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