Can’t Win?

And, Fate decreed no connectivity again this morning, not even with a trip down the hall to the elevators.  Every effort, of course, will be made to get commentaries posted – yours truly is of the belief that there are a couple of people following these day’s events.  The cell phone was used to check email (yes, there was something of some importance) and a couple of other things.  The mind drifted over a few ideas of what to do if the absolutely no connection continued; a note (not a whole entry) via cell phone might be possible. 

The trip to the lobby was a little early and with perfect timing.  The mail carrier was just then distributing the mail; a matter is solved. Afterwards nearly netted a trip to the hospital.  The idea returning to the apartment was to have lunch (early for a change), set up the scooter for re-charge (energy wasted going down the hall), and get to a note for someone to go to the bank for money.  It made sense to use up the last of some cole slaw.  Almost immediately a forkful got stuck in the throat making it impossible to swallow.  SLAW!  

It took several hours to recover minimally from the slaw.  First thing noted, of course, was that it was possible to breathe; but, thoughts immediately ran to scooting down the hall to see about help from a neighbor – maybe the emergency squad or maybe just a ride to an emergency room.  Some water helped.  The scooter didn’t get fed. Lunch was at 7:00 p.m.  The note wasn’t written. The management sent a memo to tell everyone that tomorrow, the18th, the elevators get inspected and use is limited.  And, the throat still hurts.  

The world has a lot of losers. 


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