Doing Nothing

The sun rising was a little earlier (it’s still spring), and the occupant of the apartment underfoot rose a little later (it’s a Saturday after a week that was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting).  As there was no desperate need to think, it seemed okay not to try to do much of that or anything else for that matter.  Possibly it wasn’t a very good idea to not try, but yours truly is very tired of hoping to get to this or that only to have to set it aside for imposed “need” of some sort.  It was even forgotten what was available for lunch. 

The trash bag was full yesterday already.  It got fuller.  If one can’t remember what one just did, that’s not a good time to be doing a thing that’s physical even to the extent of packing the trash. On the positive side, the scooter battery was full, too. It should last a short time yet.  Also on the positive side, although the trip to the outside world was later than desired, the grocery advertising for the week ahead had arrived, so the in house mail box was also checked for the week.  There may be a need to go to the office on that. 

The trip to the lobby was revealing.  Most often the concern is who is outside.  There’s a notion of avoiding the downstairs when a few certain people might be there.  As there was no notice by the door yesterday, it was assumed building management was peaceful.  No way – a notice was on the bulletin board listing rent payment rules. Those include no money, payment due on or before the first, fine if more than five days late and it seems like more in detail.  It sounds like there is some problem about money well into the works. 

What must be done can be reduced.    


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