Third Inspection Done

As per notification, some people (two men and maintenance) came “visiting” to look over things in the apartment underfoot.  One had a patch on his shirt that said “manager.”  It is a land company that is the owner of the place, and they do have more than one building in the area; but, it seems strange that someone who is never around the place would be wearing such identification. One possibility is he personally manages one of the other properties.  One possibility is that he is new and will be around.  One possibility is the unknown.

They came in, seemingly drifted into the kitchen area as if trying to get in out of the way so that maintenance was leading the way into the apartment, only that wasn’t the case.  It turns out they got out a flashlight and took something like numbers off of an odd spot on the stove and the refrigerator.  The guy in the refrigerator almost had his whole head in the refrigerator. In the living area of the unit, one went over to the windows and the other went to the bathroom.  They moved about as if trying to figure out what to do. 

Fortunately, the visit was early enough in the day that there was no sitting in the place for seven hours again.  The outside world got a visit.  Of course, since the only thing that could be done until they were gone was to sit, some more had to be figured out for sitting, the scooter couldn’t be re-charged, and so forth.  It was decided it might be a time to do some things with the computer.  The place that sends the free samples on Fridays sent an extra collection this week.  That was done.  The computer was sticky, not impossible. 

Getting back on track is important. 


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