What’s A Good Morning?

A “good” morning, of course, has to be relative to the individual.  In the apartment underfoot, a good morning, on a fundamental level, starts with a scooter that doesn’t need re-charging all day or at the very least until late in the day, like 5:00 p.m.  It’s possible to move around the place and do things without the scooter, but it’s a slow, laborious thing.  The scooter makes it a zip like a twenty-year-old would have, and that’s about the actual pace of the world.  A lot of people try other things, like walkers.  They’re too slow. 

A good morning in the place at hand is also one where the primary trash bag has room in it for more. There are five places that a bag is useful:  the kitchen, the bathroom, by the bed, by the computer and by a table. There’s no staying much at any of those places but by the computer, but there’s no judging how much drippy nose or coughing there will be at any time there is sitting down there, nor is there the energy to be packing up a trash bag before bed.  There isn’t room to keep a spare opened in that area. 

There are other things that can contribute to a good morning, but a “great” morning is one where something a little extra and positive is somehow in the works.  Today, after the return from the trip to the outside world (figure noon in standard time), there seemed to be a good reason to take the new printer out of it’s box and try it out. A small glitch in the plan came when it was discovered there wasn’t a USB cord included.  Well, it will go in a plastic bag to keep it nice in case there’s a chance to get one and get the computer adjusted. 

Even good mornings can have bad sides.  



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4 responses to “What’s A Good Morning?

  1. Gina

    If it is a normal USB cord, Carolyn, I’ll put one in the mail. That will save some $$$ for you.

    • Well, it’s an HP Deskjet 1600 Printer series from Walgreen’s.

      The directions start out saying, “You may need to purchase a USB cable separately.” Well, yes, if there isn’t one included and I don’t have one, I may need to purchase one separately if I want to use it. The one shown has a little rectangular thing at one end and a smaller thing at the other end.

      The directions say:

      1. Remove tape and packing material.
      2. Close cartridge door.
      3. Connect power and (in red) Do not connect USB.
      4. Press On button.
      5. Lift out tray extension.
      6. Slide guide. Load with paper.
      7. Open cartridge door.
      8. Pull pink tab to remove clear tape (from ink cartridge).
      9. Close cartridge door.
      10. IMPORTANT: (that’s in red) Do not connect USB until prompted on screen. (There’s a disk that has to be played. I didn’t play the disk.)


  2. Gina

    That sounds like a normal USB cord then. One will be in the care of the post office within the hour. Will be sent to your apartment, not the post office. Enjoy.

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