Silence Can Be Wisdom

The woman with the dog is back in the “news” here.  The lobby trip was a bit late today.  Breakfast was a little earlier than 12:00 p.m., so that was better.  Somehow the timing and curious circumstances were such that the woman was at her mailbox getting out mail just as yours truly was scooting by to return to the apartment underfoot and had to pass close by (there’s a patch of wall there narrowing a little space). There’s no mail delivery on Sunday, of course, but she was getting into her mailbox.  It was a case of one should speak. 

As mentioned yesterday, a nice person would tell someone they’re not supposed to do something, especially if it’s convenient.  There was a thought to be nice.  She apparently didn’t grasp the fact that the dogs were supposed to be taken to the other end of the place or outright didn’t care.  That’s not certain.  Regardless, she began specifying how she picked up after the animal, etc., and was finally told, “Forget it.” There was no desire to become any more of heavy or complainer. There was a visit to the association president later.

At least the scooter didn’t need re-charging all day.  It looks like it will have to be done tomorrow.  The week’s mail at the apartment house and the week’s grocery advertising did get picked up okay, but that was before getting a little upset about the doggy message. The day itself did not go too badly; the only reason the lobby trip was late was because there were some comments posted online as there was some connectivity this morning and there were a couple of things that did merit an answer.  Everything wasn’t done.   

One should be nice even if it doesn’t pay. 


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