More Recovery?

In the noon time trip today (it was done at noon time today), a lady was seen walking her dog all around the parking lot.  Now, just two days ago the management’s monthly calendar and notices came to the door; and, in addition to the announcement of Thursday’s visit possibilities, there was a long notice about pets being walked to do their business in areas where the management doesn’t appreciate it.  A place mentioned amid capital letters was the dumpster area. That is one place the woman went.  (It’s amazing.) 

There’s always a question of saying something in such cases. If any comment is made, one is liable to be accused of being the person who reported the individual to the office.  And, if the dog didn’t do anything, any comments would be groundless apart from the rules. Yet kindness would suggest it be mentioned.  More important, with the ankles full of crappy medication, there is no wish to have dogs not under tight control (and most aren’t under tight control) doing a good sniff around the feet.  …Which is exactly where they head.

Today was a little better than yesterday over all, but it wasn’t great by any definition, not with breakfast at about 12:00 p.m. One idea that unexpectedly surfaced was that possibly yours truly needed a “renters club” of some sort.  The residents’ association isn’t it.  The woman in the parking lot is not the only person that doesn’t have a firm notion of things, and the current management so far really has not pulled anything not unreasonable or outright intolerable.  It’s a matter of having started off very badly and the like. 

Findings ways can involve new things. 


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